Rating: 9/10
Pros: Loads of great and easy casserole recipes! Many are suitbale for a slow cooker.
Cons: The seafood recipes are a little exotic (octopus, squid etc!).

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by Australian Women's Weekly
List Price: £4.99

Coming from the excellent Australian Women's Weekly Cookbook series, it is no surprise to find this book full of good solid recipes. As the title suggests, the recipes are mainly for casseroles, although there are a few exceptions (such as pot roasts).

Categorised by the main ingredient (Chicken, Beef, Lamb etc), each recipe is pictured and succinctly explained, with notes for advance preparation and alternative cooking methods. Most of the recipes (with the exception of the chicken recipes) are suitable for slow cooking, including one of my favorite recipes - Lamb with Rosemary and Vegetables.

Measurements are helpfully given in both Australian cups and ml or grams. Being Australian, they call courgettes "zucchini" and aubergines "eggplants", but don't worry, there is a helpful glossary that translates such terms.

All in all, this book is a "must have" if you like casseroles, or have a slow cooker.

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